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Workflow Optimization

Solutions Built to Provide 100% Visibility, Predictability, and Control​

Eliminate headaches with our predictive analytics and seamless technology support system.

FTG-Texas’ smart technology integrates seamlessly to provide real-time visibility for total control over print assets and related service calls. Our technology can remove all print-related calls from an organization’s ticketing system and instead, redirect them right to us for a more efficient support system. Built by our dedicated IT products team, our proprietary technology is continuously evolving and improving based on customer feedback about features they value.

A unique mix of proprietary software to radically optimize operations

These tools work together to keep devices well maintained, keep renewables responsibly flowing, manage user access & privileges, and allow for easy management and insight through a single dashboard.

One Central Dashboard for Your Print Operation

A proprietary dashboard that allows customers unprecedented visibility into their print operation, down to the productivity of each device and each device's security status to prevent threats of cyber-attacks.

Cloud-Based Monitoring & Alerts

A cloud-based system of proactive alerts and reminders that ensure the health and security of each machine.

Just-In-Time Toner Delivery

A toner replenishment automation system that accurately orders toner while constantly ensuring each device is properly supplied with renewables at the appropriate time.

Proactive Service Calls

Unique, pioneering AI implementation that smooths and streamlines workflows. Our intelligent software uses predictive analytics to initiate service calls automatically to minimize downtime.

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Third-Party Software We Integrate

At FTG Texas, we’re driven by talent, expertise, and know-how. We know how to manage print fleets. We are experts at improving workflows. We routinely work with best-of-class software tools to increase productivity in your operation.

What Makes Us the Right Partner

When implementing third-party solutions, our years of experience and thousands of successful projects lead us to avoid common pitfalls and manage these operational changes effectively.

  • We make sure the solution we choose is the right one for your present needs as well AND fits your future growth;
  • We take current workflows into account;
  • We ensure the project is scoped properly;
  • We are careful and deliberate when we move from testing to production;
  • We set up rigorous policies and procedures to ensure the new systems are effective;
  • We ensure user buy-in through a healthy of communications, onboarding and training.

Some of the Workflow Software We Integrate:

Implementing software tools can become a hard-won lesson in change management, unless you engage with a highly accountable integration team with a solid record of successful implementations. And that’s where we shine.


DocuWare offers robust document management and workflow automation solutions designed to streamline business processes. Its cloud-based platform allows for secure storage, seamless retrieval, and efficient sharing of digital documents, improving productivity and compliance across the organization. DocuWare integrates with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition to a paperless environment.

Formed AI

Formed AI delivers advanced document processing and data extraction solutions powered by artificial intelligence. It automates the capture, classification, and extraction of data from various document types, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Formed AI is ideal for industries requiring high-volume data processing, such as finance, healthcare, and legal sectors.


PaperCut provides comprehensive print management software that helps organizations reduce waste, track print usage, and secure printing workflows. With features like user authentication, detailed reporting, and cost control, PaperCut ensures efficient and environmentally friendly print operations, making it ideal for educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies.


OpenText is a leading enterprise information management software provider, offering solutions that manage and secure information throughout its lifecycle. Its suite includes document management, records management, and content collaboration tools, enabling organizations to optimize their information workflows, ensure compliance, and enhance decision-making processes.


PrinterLogic’s centralized, cloud-native platform eliminates the need for print servers, simplifying print management, reducing infrastructure, and lowering costs. This white paper discusses the background of traditional print management, server drawbacks, PrinterLogic implementation, PrinterLogic features, and the benefits of using PrinterLogic to streamline print management and enhance the end user experience.

Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation provides intelligent automation software, focusing on document capture, process automation, and data integration. Its solutions help organizations streamline business processes, enhance productivity, and improve customer experiences. Kofax's technology integrates with existing systems, enabling seamless automation of repetitive tasks and better decision-making.

Upland AccuRoute

Upland AccuRoute specializes in document capture, processing, and distribution, offering seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure. It enables organizations to automate document workflows, enhance data security, and improve compliance. AccuRoute's powerful capabilities help businesses manage information efficiently, reducing manual handling and operational costs.


WestFax offers secure and reliable cloud-based fax services tailored for businesses of all sizes. It provides high-quality fax transmission, HIPAA-compliant solutions for healthcare, and integration with existing email systems. WestFax ensures efficient and secure document exchange, supporting the communication needs of various industries.

Our expertise can ensure you get the most out of these tools, and quickly result in
tangible ROI for your company. 


Rather than wonder which of  these solutions is the right fit for your print operation, simply start a dialog with one of our experts. We’re happy to provide simple, direct answers. And we’ll be glad to engage in a fact-finding dialog to learn about your print environment, and recommend potential strategies, 

Reach out to us today – let’s find the right course of action together!