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Specialty Printers

Specialty printers seamlessly blend functionality with customization, allowing you to print on unconventional materials and generate specialized items. Whether you’re looking to print labels, envelopes, or badges, Flex Technology Group can help you elevate the quality and efficiency of your specialty print products.

Looking for printing options that support the level of customization and detail that your business needs? Explore our specialty printing options below.

Label Printers

Print vibrant, high-quality labels easily and efficiently with our range of digital label printers. By bringing label production in-house, you can bring customization to your business while increasing profits, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Envelope Printers

Envelope printers can help you efficiently print sharp, high-resolution addresses, logos, and designs on envelopes to enhance professionalism in all your correspondence and mailings. If you’re looking to streamline production and increase your profitability, an envelope printer is the right choice for your business.

Badge Printers

Create customized ID cards, membership passes, and security badges with our range of badge printers. With the right device and accessories, you can achieve security, efficiency, and flexibility in your badge-printing operations. We offer direct-to-card (DOC), reverse transfer (ReTransfer), and Inkjet badge printing options.

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