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Developing a custom, cost-cutting print solution for your enterprise

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Proven Manufacturing Solutions

Cost Management

Effectively manage costs, increase uptime, and provide visibility using a single system

Continuous Improvement

Identify problem areas and drive improvement across operations with governance metrics

Savings and Productivity

Increase savings and productivity with solution implementation, customer support services, and transparent data

Why FTG?

A streamlined, reliable management system for data and documents is essential to connecting people with critical information—which ensures that your plant runs efficiently.

Flexible, reliable print and document management processes can give you the visibility and control you need to respond to any situation with speed and efficacy. With the help of FTG’s managed print and technology services, your plant can streamline logistics operations, simplify supply chain management while reducing interruptions, and remain in compliance with all commerce, safety, and environmental regulations.

Make offline and online information readily accessible while maintaining security

Gain visibility and control over all printing devices, no matter the size of your network

Cut costs and improve productivity with our specially-tailored print solutions

Synchronize data across your entire enterprise with a single-system approach

Want to see for yourself?

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