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Offering unique printing plans that help you boost productivity—at the right price

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Proven Retail Solutions

Cost Management

Effectively manage costs, increase uptime, and provide visibility using a single system

Continuous Improvement

Identify problem areas and drive improvement across operations with governance metrics

Savings and Productivity

Increase savings and productivity with solution implementation, customer support services, and transparent data

Why FTG?

When it comes to achieving profitability, the current atmosphere of economic uncertainty, changing shopping habits, and inflationary pricing leaves a lot less room for error. Printing, scanning, storing, and managing documents, signage and content can be a big lift for your retail enterprise–but it doesn’t have to be.

FTG’s managed print and technology services can help your business minimize costs and increase efficiency. Our scalable, vendor-neutral solutions can help you overcome the day-to-day printing and document management obstacles that keep your salespeople away from the sales floor. We’ll assess your current processes to identify opportunities and tools to help you grow your business and your brand.

Cut costs and improve productivity with our specially-tailored print and technology solutions

Gain visibility and control over all printing devices, no matter the size of your network

Receive continuous monitoring and proactive technical support

Configure and manage printing assets without taxing local managers or IT departments

Streamline printing and production processes with a single-source partner​

Want to see for yourself?

Contact us today to learn more about how FTG can help your retail enterprise.