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Is Your Printing Out of Control?

The Healthcare industry faces thinning margins and slow growth. Reducing waste by improving operational efficiency is essential. One key area for your organization to gain more control, predictability and productivity, is print services.

Printing is a major cost in healthcare – and increasing (up 28% from the peak of the pandemic!). Not only that – in our assessments of existing print operations, we often find significant hidden costs bloating budgets in undetected ways.

By bringing your printing under control, you can reduce spend, eliminate waste, and bring all printing management into one portal, one point of control – reducing headaches for your whole team.

In this paper, you will find:

  • How to move from reactive to predictive
  • Common challenges and scalable solutions
  • What an audit looks like and the learnings it yields
  • A case study that saved $2 Million
  • Four proven wins of Managed Print Services

Take a look at this 12-point white paper to get a bird’s eye view at the challenges unmanaged print creates for any healthcare organization – and what you can do to conquer those challenges and bring savings, sanity, and security to your operation.

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