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Success Stories

We’ve spent a lot of time working with many different verticals—and it’s given us the experience to create effective strategic plans for companies in a variety of industries. Explore our success stories and learn more about the custom printing and technology solutions we’ve designed for our clients.

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Education: Early Childhood Operations

This success story highlights the critical role of strategic partnerships in enhancing operational efficiency and driving cost savings, particularly in sectors where management of administrative functions is as crucial as the core mission.

Education: High School District

This success story exemplifies how targeted technological enhancements can lead to substantial educational and operational benefits, paving the way for other districts to consider similar advancements.

Education: Technical Training College

This case exemplifies how a tailored, expertly managed print service solution can transform a critical back-office function, enabling institutions to focus more on their core mission of education and training.

Education: Specialized College Print Management

This success story exemplifies how thoughtful technology integration and vendor consolidation can transform operational efficiency and financial performance in an educational institution.

Finance: Financial Services Firm

This company’s print operations exemplified how large organizations can effectively reduce costs and improve operational efficiency by transitioning to a managed, standardized approach in their service infrastructure.

Finance: Accounting Firm

This is a tale of a firm that embraced change and turned a new page in their storied history. It’s a testament to the power of partnership and the endless possibilities that arise when tradition meets innovation.

Healthcare: Healthcare Services Provider

Service Level Agreements (SLA) times plummeted from weeks to a mere 8 hours. Instead of a disruptive fleet overhaul, change management was minimized, liberating IT from the drudgery of manual follow-ups.

Healthcare: Pain Management Provider

Turnaround times decreased, expenses were eliminated, and growth was accommodated without extra investment. The process of opening new locations was simplified, alleviating the IT department and saving steps in the accounting processes.

Hospitality: Boutique Hotel

Our partnership with this boutique hotel resulted in a transformational upgrade of their print solutions, delivering tangible benefits ranging from cost savings to improved operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Hospitality: Premiere Hotel

By resizing their copiers, optimizing their printing environment, and consolidating their devices, we helped the hotel reduce costs and improve overall management of printing and copying services.

Logistics: Streamlining Scalable Solutions

A digital document workflow allows drivers to scan and electronically send federally-mandated documents directly to a centralized repository, decreasing turnaround times and eliminate the costs associated with shipping and scanning documents,

Manufacturing: Leading Food Manufacturer

The implementation of the high-speed print device provided the food manufacturer not only with a rapid return on investment but also with a robust solution that aligned perfectly with their commitment to quality and efficiency.

Retail: Cannabis Distribution

This partnership transformed a cumbersome, costly aspect of the firm's operations into a streamlined, cost-effective system capable of supporting their rapid growth and the specific challenges of the cannabis industry.

Retail: Cannabis Packaging

Specializing in high-quality marijuana packaging, this company found itself struggling with its existing printing setup. Improved efficiency and reduced costs allowed them to deliver better products and services.

Retail: National Furniture Retailer

This is a story of transformation, of a retail giant that reimagined its operations and, in doing so, redefined what it means to be cost-effective and customer-centric in the modern age.

Retail: Child Clothing Retailer

This is the story of a retail giant’s journey from colorful beginnings to cost-saving endings, a partnership that rewrote the narrative of print management. It’s a tale of adaptation, efficiency, and the enduring quest for excellence—a tale as timeless as the retailer itself.

Retail: Clothing Retailer

This is more than a success story; it’s a narrative of a company that dared to defy the odds, powered by the strategic support of FlexPrint. Together, they’ve set a new standard in retail, proving that with the right partner, even the most daunting challenges can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Retail: Restaurant

The FlexPrint solution was a testament to the power of alignment—between values, vision, and execution. It was a partnership that transcended the conventional vendor-client relationship, evolving into a dynamic alliance geared towards mutual growth and excellence.